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About little exits

Why Little Exits?

Little Exits is a company founded to remove the friction from buying and selling small web based projects built by creators.

The "maker" mindset was painstakingly considered during the development of this application. The indie hacker, no-coder, maker (creator) build a great, inherently valuable, little web based project such as an app, website, newsletter, community, product, productized service, course, platform etc.

The maker eventually gets bored, wants to focus on something else, wants to earn a little more money or doesn't necessarily want to maintain this project in perpetuity.

There arises the need for the maker to get a little exit and maybe hand the little project over to another creator, business or entity that can take that project to the next level or integrate it into their own projects.

How we solve this problem.

Little Exits solves the problem of bringing buyers and sellers together for the sole purpose of the acquisition of their little project.

  • Set up your little exits account

  • Post your little project

  • Respond to offers and chat with interested buyers

  • Connect your stripe account

  • Sell your little project and receive payment via Stripe

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